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What we do

We are here to help you make your on-line business.

Whether you are a start-up of an established e-commerce business we have the knowledge and skills to increase your sales.

If you are looking to sell on-line or already do, we can help.

Our extensive experience in a wide range of markets, ranging from penny chews to decommissioned tanks and everything in between, will make your on-line shop.

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1. to produce or bring about by work or effort. 2. to change so that it becomes something different. 3. to achieve or reach. 4. to arrange to be ready for use.

Our new website (www.hotroxuk.com) recently went live after many Months of work and planning for migration from the Erol platform to Magento. Redmelon, have designed, advised and nursed this process making it a much less painless experience than first Imagined. I would like to thank the Redmelon team (especially Piers Parker) for their commitment from beginning to end for a bespoke website that we are proud of.

Mark Simmons, Proprietor
Hot Rox UK

Red Melon have provided us with exceptional service. Their technical knowledge is second to none in the industry and they are a welcome ‘safe pair of hands’ for anyone looking for support and help in this area. They conducted our transition from Erol to Magento seamlessly, keeping us fully informed of developments at all stages. There were a few technical issues to deal with along the way which they took care of in full. I would highly recommend their services to all.

Vanessa Fowler, Owner
Heroes for Kids